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Pre-processing of holoscopic 3D image for autostereoscopic 3D displays

Holoscopic 3D imaging also known as Integral imaging is an attractive technique for creating full color 3D optical models that exist in space independently of the viewer. The constructed 3D scene exhibits continuous parallax throughout the viewing zone. In order to achieve depth control, robust and real-time, a single aperture holoscopic 3D imaging camera is used for recording holoscopic 3D image using a regularly spaced array of microlens arrays, which view the scene at a slightly different angle to its neighbor. However, the main problem is that the microlens array introduces a dark borders in the recorded image and this causes errors at playback on the holoscopic 3D Display. This paper proposes a reference based pre-processing of holoscopic 3D image for autostereoscopic holoscopic 3D displays. The proposed method takes advantages of microlens as reference point to detect amount of introduced dark borders and reduce/remove them from the holoscopic 3D image.

Swash, M.R.; Aggoun, A.; Abdulfatah, O.; Li, B.; Fernandez, J.C.; Alazawi, E.; Tsekleves, E., “Pre-processing of holoscopic 3D image for autostereoscopic 3D displays,” in 3D Imaging (IC3D), 2013 International Conference on , vol., no., pp.1-5, 3-5 Dec. 2013
doi: 10.1109/IC3D.2013.6732100