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Multi-view video delivery over wireless networks using HTTP

With the increased popularity of wireless communications and more advanced end points such as smart phones and tablet PCs, it is becoming increasingly demanding to deliver a variety of services, including 3D video services, that optimize the users’ Quality of Experience (QoE). Some smart phones can now capture and play stereoscopic videos and hence, enabling these devices to deliver their content will open up new opportunities in the 3D video communications area. This paper investigates an approach for delivering Multi-View Video using HTTP over wireless networks, with packet sizes varying depending on observed channel conditions. OPNET System-in-the-Loop module is used to transmit real video over a simulated network. The paper also discusses the scalable delivery of a H.264 Multi-View Video Coding encoded bit stream depending on the view change required by the user. It is expected that small packet sizes will perform better in bursty wireless channels when the network is reported to be busy. The retransmission of a lost packet will result in an additional overhead to an already congested network.